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Crann Piorr'Art artistic background

RankArt: Can you introduce yourself to our readers in a few words?

Gilles Crann Piorra: My artist name is Gilles Crann Piorra and I'm French and Irish, hence my Irish Gaelic artist name. Crann Piorra literally means pear tree and since my name is Poirier, it is natural that I adopted this name. Otherwise, I am a human like the others, who hates conventions and habits and who constantly likes to discover something new.


RankArt: Do you practice painting for your hobby or as a professional?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I practice painting since 1989 but I have not been professional since 2018.


RankArt: What was the professional and / or artistic career that made you as an artist?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I started painting in 1989 when I went to painting classes at an art school in Dendermonde, Belgium while living in Ghent. In 1991 after my move to Paris, I enrolled in the Fine Arts Workshops of the city of Paris where I attended painting workshops in free expression. As a result, I acquired my technique by painting and experimenting.


RankArt: Why did you choose painting as a way of expression rather than another? What was the trigger ?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I always liked drawing but after trying unsuccessfully to play music, I enrolled, a little attracted all the same, to a painting class and there, it was immediately the click. I realized that it was going to become a passion.


RankArt: Do your life and its stages influence your art and in what way?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I am necessarily influenced by my past experiences and especially by this education of my parents, both teachers who wanted me to follow the norm and the order of things. What in contrast, I hurried to flee. My travels around the world have influenced me a lot in choosing my colors and my curiosity has done the rest.


RankArt: How would you define your artistic work? What do you say about your works to someone who has never seen one of your works?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I am an abstract painter and I define myself as a colorist above all because my choice of colors is paramount. I like contrasting warm and bright colors with shades of blues more or less dark. I never use black alone but only to darken a color.


RankArt: Why these choices of subject, technique, style?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I paint mainly oil because I like to paint in the fat and can rework this medium. The acrylic dries too fast and does not have this texture of the oil. I use almost no additives other than oil and asphalt. I like to paint the abstract because it leaves more imaginative freedom. With the abstract we really express what comes from within, we are not limited to what we see, the limit is the imagination, nothing else.


RankArt: What in general influences your painting (painter, cinema, music, author ...)?

Gilles Crann Piorra: I am very influenced by the music which is an essential element of my artistic creation. I paint with music that I listen to randomly and very loudly. I am also influenced by the other painters of Bruegel and Van Eyck to contemporary painters whether they are known or not.

Crann Piorr'Art artistic background

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